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What My Families Have to Say...

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Brie!!! I started seeing Dr. Brie regularly for prenatal chiropractic care during my 3rd trimester with my 2nd baby. She did wonders for me! I have terrible low back pain with my pregnancies. Her methods really helped my hips as well as I had a lot more pelvic pressure. Without her I don't know if my natural birth would've been nearly as easy! Best part is lying face down on their special table for pregnant mamas! :) We also bring my 2 year old son and now 7 week old daughter to her. My son loves it there and all the staff! He is so well behaved with her! My 7 week old went from a colicky, cranky reflux baby to a happy, strong and relaxed baby. She even walks through each and every adjustment with my kids, telling me what she's doing, what it does and why. We honestly look forward to every visit."

Stephanie Jones
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