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Preconception Care

Preconception health is your health BEFORE pregnancy. Gaining heath prior to conception isn’t about getting pregnant, its about giving your unborn child the best chance at a healthy, thriving life.


By welcoming Dr. Carolyn and her expertise to join you in your preconception journey, you are providing yourself with an all-encompassing protocol for a successful environment for your future family. You will be guided through 3 months of a dedicated overall health and wellness journey. Each month with focus on certain foundations of preconception health.

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Foundations of Preconception Care

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What about Dad?

It is not only important for Mom’s preconception health, but Dads as well! Dads pass on more than genetics in their sperm. Evidence has shown that sperm can take note of their father’s lifestyle decisions and transfer this information to offspring. It takes two healthy parents to create a healthy baby!

If you suffer from any of the following and are struggling to get pregnant, we can help!

Irregular or absent periods

Excess Physical or Emotional Stress

Very High or Very Low Body weight


Hormone Imbalance

Poor Dietary Habits

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