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Pediatric and perinatal chiropractic care is not a new concept, but is foreign to many people. Especially when you consider that that is our practices focus!  Having a practice that only focuses on children and expectant mothers has been a dream come true.  Our office is able to really hone in and care properly for every patient according to their individual need.  We are able to care for the children based on their specific age and for our pregnant patients based on their stage of pregnancy.  We work closely with other physicians and providers in our area the also tend to the needs of  our patients, such as MD's, Midwives, OB's, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, doulas, functional medicine doctors, dentists, surgeons and more! Having positive and close working relationships with these providers allows us to truly co manage and offer elite care to every one of our patients. We are excited to show you why we continue to stand out as Lee Counties #1 Chiropractic office!

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Pediatric chiropractic care is a new concept to many, but not to our doctors!  We have gone through additional certifications in order to bring only the safest and best chiropractic care for your child. We take pride in our comprehensive examinations where we look at the function of every system of your child, their overall structure, appearance and that they are meeting their milestones. Chiropractic for a child is entirely different than it is for an adult. So different, that is is not uncommon for a baby to sleep right through their adjustment. Using low force, gentle instruments or low force manual adjustments allow for an adjustment free from twisting, turning, cracking or popping. The adjustments on infants and children are meant to be enjoyable for every child and we take great care in ensuring every parent and child feels comfortable and safe with their care.
Perinatal care is inclusive of women who are working to get pregnant. Peri- means "around" or "surrounding". So whether you are just starting your pregnancy journey and wanting to get your body in the best shape possible for a viable and healthy pregnancy or you've already been down a road of struggles or challenges, we are here to help you in every way we can to get your body to be structurally sound and function at full capacity for you along your journey.
If you are already pregnant and want to enhance your bodies well-being, ease any discomforts and pains, and encourage a more productive and smooth labor, chiropractic care by a certified chiropractor can help! As your "cradle" doctors, we focus on your pelvis and its corresponding muscles and ligaments to get to and remain in optimal position for your baby's comfort. Resulting in a preferred position and successful birth!

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“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Brie!!! I started seeing Dr. Brie regularly for prenatal chiropractic care during my 3rd trimester with my 2nd baby. She did wonders for me! I have terrible low back pain with my pregnancies. Her methods really helped my hips as well as I had a lot more pelvic pressure. Without her I don't know if my natural birth would've been nearly as easy! We also bring my 2 year old son and now 7 week old daughter to her. My 7 week old went from a colicky, cranky reflux baby to a happy, strong and relaxed baby. She even walks through each and every adjustment with my kids, telling me what she's doing, what it does and why. We honestly look forward to every visit. "

Stephanie Jones

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