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Sometimes we just aren't sure if we are doing what's best for our child at a specific moment, sometimes we just need a little reassurance.  Whether you are a parent or an expectant parent, just knowing there is someone you can reach out to that is there, to help is all the security you need.  This plan is an affordable option to help support you in non-emergent times. 

The 'Easy Contact Membership' allows for active practice members to contact Dr. Brie directly in or outside of regular office hours.  This membership provides a private number to call or text directly with the doctor. The plan is offered month-to-month or if the annual option is chosen a discount is applied. This agreement is to seek advice for active patient(s) of Dr. Brie's only.  A parent, sibling, child or spouse of an active patient will not be provided any recommendations, advice or care. This agreement is solely for active patients.  If a family has multiple members that are patients, this membership includes everyone for the one fee! It is inclusive of calls or texts only and is replacing all previous email addresses or social media direct contact avenues. Emails to info@gindelechiropractic.com or office calls within office hours are acceptable under this agreement as well. The agreement comes with a guaranteed reply by Dr. Brie within 6 hours of contact. However no reply can be guaranteed between the hours of 11 pm to 5 am.    

To register for the 'Easy Contact Membership', please follow these steps:

1. Decide whether you would like a monthly plan or a yearly plan and follow the prompts to submit payment.

2. Fill out the form below so we can register you. Once your payment information and registration has been received, we'll send you an email with Dr. Brie's direct phone number, and you can get connecting!

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$50 per month or $575 annually

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